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Life’s Complicated.

Carrying your baby shouldn’t be.

What’s up, mom? How’s it going, dad? Oh, you’re great? Got plenty of sleep last night? Took a nice long shower? Went out on a romantic date, did you?

Of course you didn’t. You have a baby. And parenthood is. insanely. hard.

While TushBaby can’t help with your sleep schedule or your love life (sorry), it can make carrying your baby a whole lot easier.

Let us show you how.



Ditch the difficult carriers, sweaty baby sacks, and annoying strap-ins. Sorry, but crushing your baby’s face against your chest just doesn’t seem right. And untangling yourself from these contraptions shouldn’t be complicated. TushBaby is a simple baby seat that sits right on your hip. It’s just one buckle, baby. So Junior can hang out, while you hold on.


Secret storage

that’s crazy convenient.

Leave your carrier, diaper bag, and purse in the minivan, y’all. With TushBaby, you can stash diapers, wipes and bottles in the cheeky storage beneath the seat. You can throw your keys, phone, and pacifiers in the easy-access side pocket. You can even attach toys to this loop in the front. TushBaby is pretty much all you need. Except maybe a glass of wine...

"TushBaby is a game changer!"

— Mona Rizzardi

Made for comfort.

For real.

TushBaby is made with high-quality cotton (aka classy). Your belt is lined with a nice plush pad around the abdomen (read: no more hip digging). And the anti-slip seat is made with squishy memory foam to cradle your baby’s cute little butt. And if your baby’s between 0-3 months old, TushBaby can also be used for breastfeeding support. Handy, we know.

For balance.

‘Cause you don’t have time for yoga.

TushBaby evenly distributes your baby’s weight (while hiding your baby weight) so you don’t have to switch sides every five minutes. No more back straining or constant lifting to find a comfy position. TushBaby is also certified by the Hip Dysplasia Institute, so you can rest easy knowing your peanut is sitting pretty for proper hip health.  

This bad boy folds up.


Tammy Rant is an entrepreneur and working mom of two. She founded Tushbaby to make carrying your baby a whole lot easier, for all caregivers.